Loving Man


Such beautiful creatures…

The beauty I’m talking about, though, isn’t their looks, their scent, the way they move…no. 

The beauty I’m talking about, what makes man so handsome and endearing, is that soul found within — not the abs, the muscles, the tone — no. Even deeper…

That touching heart that gently expresses itself in the smallest of gestures. That mind that furiously turns its wheels in the face of a superb challenge. That spirit that runs free in passion towards his dreams.

That beauty. Which makes man so damn handsome.

Then there’s their grace under fire…oh!

How riveting. To see one protect his loved ones from a hail of bullets and lay down his own life for those he wishes to shield from certain death. To hear him calmly speak words dripping with serene wisdom in the face of spit and snark. To witness him carry out an act of kindness in quiet humility.

Mm. How gorgeous can you get?

His competitive fire that’s lit in friendly sport. His seductive charm in the way he strings his thoughtful words. His time and energy he spends giving to others in care and compassion.

Ooh…those things never get old seeing.

Man’s affection. Tender touch. Loving consideration.

Yes. Give me more of that.

All these things you can never really see unless you look really closely and peel your eyes with patient desire and anticipation. The beauty within. The treasures that lie beneath the surface.

There is more that meets the eye.

Man is such a profound and important part of this world and the human experience, in confluence. 

From little boys — to men — to old geezers. Their life is a beautiful one — in all its twists and turns — experiences and thoughts.

…so what makes man so attractive?

Well, them just being themselves, as they grow into who they’re supposed to be, change into who they wish to be and evolve into what they need to be.

Not all are the same, but boy, do they help make the world go round and round, making life on it so interesting and fascinating.


Keep running. Don’t stop. Don’t give up.

You’re gonna reach that summit someday, somehow — and when you do…you’ll finally be able to rest in peace.


Cheers, guys,

Nice to see you again if you’re back! So…do I like men? Of course I do.

I like pretty much all human beings, in general. Why men with this one?

Hm, good question. Maybe I just thought they needed it.

Anyways, best to you guys and happy holidays, wherever you are!

Have fun, stay warm and healthy. 

Until next time,