Winds of Change | Editorial

There is probably not a single person on earth who wouldn’t change a single thing about one’s life or circumstances if given the chance by a genie in a bottle.

The paths of life twist & turn. Some end abruptly. Others wind and prolong for a century or longer.

Each of us experiences change, however small, even grand at times. No, not everyone graduates, works, gets married, has kids, grows old and dies in the arms of loved ones. Some don’t even get to experience any of that. Still, others even choose to blaze a different trail altogether.

All to grasp a life worth living or, at least, one that seems worth living.

We’re born, we do some things, then we die. That’s life. To put it most simply.

If there is a life worth living, why not reach for it? If there is life, why not aim for the stars? If there is a wish worth granting, why not grant it ourselves?

Become the genie in a bottle. Make a move. Make a difference over time.

That desire can be within reach only if one walks toward it, hurdles the obstacles in the way and fights through the frays. To harness the human condition and flow with it. Win with it.

Best to give thanks for the shots one’s given — to take them and not waste them.

Fate may be our foe, but we’ve got the blood of the greatest species on Earth running through our veins — the same species that made it to the moon, cured diseases and survived waves of natural disasters throughout our marvelous history.

We’ve got life in us, don’t we? Why not be like the changing leaves and fall from our former selves into the selves we grow into over time — the different selves we yearn to be, the lives we hope to lead.

Hope, after all, can’t achieve anything lasting by itself. Effort is its right hand; determination is its left.

To grasp a life worth living, a difference is all that matters. Little by little. One subtle, changing day over time.


Hi, again!

Nice to see you if you’re a regular of mine, and if you’re new, nice to see you all the same. I hope, however subtle, my words have brought some light to your night or day, wherever you may be in the world. Happy Thanksgiving too, an early one, for those that celebrate it.

I’m touched by anyone that has even read this, willing to give some of their time and energy to do so. Truly.

Until next time,